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The Current Affairs Digest is published monthly by the House of Lords Library during the parliamentary term. It summarises articles from journals, magazines and the international press, as well as speeches, think tank reports and blog posts under six subject headings: economic affairs, home affairs, science, international affairs, the constitution and social policy. Please respect the copyright of the owners of the articles summarised.

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On iPad and tablet devices, swipe horizontally across the screen to move between editions. Click the link on the centre of the page to access a given edition, then scroll vertically to see the content. If you are viewing on a desktop PC the arrow keys can be used to navigate between editions. Please note, however, that the app is currently only compatible with Google Chrome, and not Internet Explorer.

Clicking on an article in a given edition will take you to the text in question.

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All CAD editions and summaries are searchable using the search box found by clicking the Search toolbar icon. Simply enter your search terms, such as “policing”, and the search will return all the summaries which mention this term. Boolean operators can also be used to narrow down your search. For example, “welfare” AND “spending” will return all summaries which mention both of these words.

Please note that the search function will retrieve information from the CAD summaries only. It will not search for the terms entered in the external articles linked to in the CAD.

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The app allows you to save articles of interest to read at a future date in ‘My Digest’. To save an article, click the symbol on the right hand side of each article. This will add them to your own personal digest, which can be accessed via the My Digest toolbar icon.

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